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I am a MAGICIAN & also runs my own Real Estate compa

Philosophy;avorite QuotationsIf you can't FLY, then RUN
If you can't RUN, then WALK
If you can't WALK, then CRAWL
No matter what you do, JUST KEEP MOVING


About David

Basic Information''Born David Abhijit Nobo in Kolkata, Amazing David is one of the leading illusionists of the industry .He has won national magic awards, performed for Royalty, and is considered one of India’s most creative entertainers by magicians and audiences alike.

David was bitten by the magic bug at an early age and has devoted his life to exploring and researching the inner workings of magic. Now, he has grown to be one of the country’s most unique and in-demand illusionist.
Audiences young and old alike have experienced David’s sensational performances which are one of a kind combining intriguing sleight of hand manipulations with world-class illusions along with participation of the audience and situational comedy. His unique performance style and offbeat approach to his art has won the hearts of millions across India and abroad.

David has never studied magic under anyone; all of his show is a result of his own brainchild. This has taken him to stages of education institutions, corporate companies, Royalty, and national television (India’s Magic Star on Star One).

So, find a comfortable spot at the edge of your seat, and prepare yourself for an experience that you will remember for as long as you live……….and perhaps even longer…


Rajesh Kumar

Basic Information:Rajesh kumar is not your average magician .He is a mordern stylish,good looking magician with a engery like a power house .

close up
street magic
stage magic
comedy magic
fire acts
metal bending

To see a Rajesh show is to experience a show like you’ve never seen before. Creatively combining comedy, magic, and illusion with a twist of the bizarre,
Rajesh creates an evening of entertainment.

You’ll see why RAJESH is in top ten indian magician of india ,his show is full of energy ,entertainment,thrill,fun.

RAJESH is a multi-dimensional performer and can customize his shows to better fit your event’s size and budget by incorporating anything from a formal close-up magic show to a performance of mingling or walk around sleight-of-hand interaction for groups during a cocktail hour or hospitality suite. Or you may choose to combine the two by having RAJESH interact with guests during a social hour and perform some close-up sleight of hand, then wrap up the evening later with a full stage performance.

Fast Facts about Rajesh kumar
1.Youngest magician to escape from handcuff and box full of explosives
2.Featured on international channel star one.
3.Frist magician in india to walk on wall
4.Magician who have done fastest costume change in the history of magic .
5.Youngest escape artist and street magician of india.
6.May be the first magician in history of magic to debut his stage magic for tv.
Link of his debut profile


Sangeeta Kapoor

Basic Information''* Magician
* T.V & Film Artist
* Teacher of Magic & Illusions
(Magic Art of Entertainment and Science of Secrets)
* Reiki Grand Master (USA)
* Holistic Healer & Teacher
* Tarot Card Reader

Uday Jadugar

Basic Information'::I love languages. I am a magician, ventriloquist, shadow player, film producer, director, cinematographer, still photographer, graphic designer, painter, industrialist, exporter.

magician About Kiron
The known conjurer, magician-illusionist Kiron Saha, was born in far India - to the native land of elephants, Hinduism, tea plantations and sharp kitchen. At Kiron was six brothers and one sister. All of them, becoming adult people, have found the calling in life: the doctor of medical sciences, the manager of export of goods abroad, the professional photographer - of all of it have reached brothers of Kiron. Kiron has gone in the footsteps of some kind of: since ten years Saha-junior it was trained in Bangladesh in knowledge in the field of magic, an illusionism and magician. It will improve this knowledge and now. In 2000 year Kiron Saha participated in congress of magicians from every corner of the globe, the winner of the award which was handed over by Kiron the well-known illusionist - David Coperfild. Annually Kiron Saha acts from show by the program in the countries of the European Union - of Holland, Germany,Russia, Finland, Poland, India, Bangladesh, Moscow Hungry etc. the countries. The Magician - the guest of honor of various festivals in Europe - "Vedic", "culture of India", rock festival "woodstock". Five years ago Kiron has got acquainted with charming Ukrainian Olga and married it. The destiny has thrown it in Pavlograd, wife Kiron whence comes. Olga is the manager of the husband: it organizes performances of Kiron as in Ukraine, and abroad. Next tour to Australia and Brazil in the beginning of next year is planned. And at present Olga makes out to Kiron residence permit in Ukraine. Kiron Saha is fond of Vedic culture of India, professes (its belief - "Consciousness of Krishna"), the vegetarian, conducts a healthy way of life. Kiron - deeply believing Hindu, the wonderful magician and the wizard which sleight of hand admire both adults, and children.
Representations for children performed by Kiron - it always sleight of hand, creativity, improvisation! Children enthusiastically observe of how from a paper tubule there are flowers, they admire focuses of Kiron which in the show applies various subjects: umbrellas, spheres, a rope, money, a flag of Ukraine and even ordinary milk! Children become not only spectators, but also participants of show representations, without assuming even, as they can make focuses of Kiron if will want, certainly Pleasure of children, surprise of adults - reaction to focuses of Kiron of all without an exception of people which have visited on show of the magician-illusionist.

Anchal Kumawat

Activities and Interests::
Global Celebity Wallpaper, Brad Manuel Comedy Magic, Baba Ramdev, How To Get Views,, .thecuso, Danny Cole, Jr. NTR's Brindavanam, Save mother Earth, Amazing David, The magician association, Magic And Illusions In Pakistan, The Real People who make India great, guruvayoor magic academy, Kruti's Magic Touch Foundation, Being Human, Baba Ramdev support page., respect women!, Kashmir always was part of india and will always be, Support Anna Hazare against corruption! Corruption in India must stop NOW!!, I Love My Sisterand 6 more


Sooraj TheMagician

Basic Information:Thank you for signing up at the Magician SOORAJ Page …..
Magician Sooraj is the RUNNER-UP WINNER of the Grand Finale of "STAR ONE INDIA'S MAGIC STAR"India's Magic Star is the first magical reality TV Show being produced by Right Picture Company Pv



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